BILLA Slovakia: Healthy eyes in preschools

Autorin Denisa Pernicova Head of Marketing/BILLA Slovakia

BILLA launched a strategic cooperation and support of charitable association The Blind and Partially Sighted Union (UNSS). Since 2016, BILLA Slovakia has been actively working with The Blind and Partially Sighted Union (UNSS) on the project „Healthy Eyes already in Preschool“.

This preventive and screening project focuses on prevention of the most common eye disorders of children aged 3-6 years. We promote early diagnosis of visual disorders and help children in the Preschool age to improve their vision by correction and complete cure.

During the first edition from February to June 2017, more than 10 380 children in 220 Preschools were screened. Of this number, 1 411 children (14%) were thanks to this screening diagnosed with existing visual disorders. They were advised to further visit the pediatric ophthalmology to have a complex examination.

The ambition of the second edition of this project in School year 2017/2018 is to measure visual parameters of more than 15.000 children in 250 Preschools in all regions of Slovakia.

Nevertheless we plan to continue further with this project and to increase the number of screened children each year. BILLA will be considered as socially responsible company, which cares for education of Slovak Public in the field of preventive diagnostics of vision disorders.

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