Reducing food waste in Hungary by providing „Wunderlinge” fruit and vegetable range for Penny customers

Autor Gergely Udvarhely PENNY Market Kft./PENNY Hungary

Penny Hungary is the first food discount company in Hungary starting to purchase fruits and vegetables with imperfect visual appearance. The project started in April 2018 and this product range is available in every single Hungarian Penny store.

 „We can be loved, too” is written on our “Wunderlinge” fruits and vegetables posters. Oh, yes it is true: Whilst the appearance of the “Wunderlinge” fruits and vegetables are different from the first class products, they taste as good as the “normal ones”. Maybe this is why more and more customers choose these products. Of course, their prices make them very attractive as well - they cost less than their first class mates do.

“The Hungarian economy needs stable revenue so that it can develop. That is why we decided to take over the second-class “Wunderlinge” fruits and vegetables from the farmers as a first discount chain in Hungary. So we do not only support them in sustainable farming, but we also contribute to job preservation and creation in Hungary", said Jens-Thilo Krieger, Managing Director of PENNY Hungary.

One of the main benefits of the project is its ecologic effect: it helps reducing food waste in agriculture and in food industry. Penny as an ecologically responsible company aimed to go on with the project and widen the range of “Wunderlinge” products.

Photo: (LTR) Molnár János – Hungarian farmer; Czerván György – State Secretary of Agriculture; Jens-Thilo Krieger, Managing Director of Penny Hungary

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