BILLA Slovakia introduced new, more environmentally friendly bags

Autorin Jana Gregorovicova Marketing/BILLA Slovakia

BILLA Slovakia continues to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Since mid-March of this year, customers have now the opportunity to acquire new plastic bags made of recyclable plastic indicated by the Blue Angel logo. This label declares the recyclability of at least 80% of the materials used. The production of this bag also releases up to 60% less carbon dioxide into the air.

This new ecological project also has a charitable dimension. From the price of each purchased recyclable paper, plastic or permanent bag, BILLA will contribute two cents to the project - Healthy Eyes already in Preschool, which is under the auspices of non-profit organization BILLA FOR PEOPLE.

The ambition of the project in the school year 2018/19 is to measure visual parameters of 20.000 children in 400 Preschools in all regions of Slovakia.

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