Prize award for BILLA`s "Shopping assistant" project

Autorin Jana Gregorovicova Marketing/BILLA Slovakia

BILLA has been involved for many years with the Blind and Partially Sighted Union (UNSS) and its affiliated organization, the Training School for Guide and Assistance Dogs. We cooperate on three projects.

Starting with simple money collections in stores (The Four legged eyes) which is aimed at gaining financial resources for support of a training school for guide dogs. Another prevention program Healthy eyes already in Preschool focuses on measuring eyesight of children in kindergartens and thus diagnosing potential eye damage before it is permanent.

BILLA is the first supermarkt chain in Slovakia to adopt a cohesive concept of helping the visually impaired, called Shopping Assistant. As one of the largest chains, BILLA is aware of its social responsibility to its customers and its priority is to focus on improving the quality of life of a select group of people who, until now, were not able to shop without the help of their loved ones or their four-legged assistants. BILLA was the only retail chain in Slovakia to launch the Shopping Assistant project in 2017 to make life easier for the visually impaired and help them to lead a normal life.

For this project, BILLA won 1st place in the competition "Enterprise medium of the year 2017", in the category of audiovisual presentation

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