A web page against food waste in the Czech Republic

Autor Petr Baudys Lead quality department/PENNY Czech Republic

Starting this year we, in PENNY, focus on food waste prevention. As recent surveys show, one third of food is wasted worldwide – a really alarming figure.

PENNY as an important retail company, have the unique chance to do something against this matter as we link consumers and groceries. That is why we have made the reduction of food waste our main task this year.


A webpage against food waste

We have created a new web www.konecplytvani.cz as the main guidepost and gateway to the topic. Here and in social media we want to present many interesting tips and hints on how to deal with food more carefully, and thus to eliminate the wasting of food. Besides, we also demonstrate in a clear and simple way how to shop economically and effectively.

The sponsor of our Konec plýtvání (end of wasting) programme is young chef Martin Škoda who, just like our company, is not indifferent to wasting. Martin regularly provides our webpage as well as social media with recipes, video content and beautiful photographs. All his recipes show how to prepare delicious dishes from food that would have been wasted otherwise. 


Martin Škoda, Gourmand Cookbook Awards winner, Konec plýtvání (end of wasting) project sponsor

"Already at our first meeting I met determined and enthusiastic people who want to give the brand a new direction, who have great ideas, who are not afraid to change the implemented practice or to take risks. The projects like Neobyčejné kousky (uncommon pieces) and Konec plýtvání (end of waste) convinced me that they are really talking business. They look at the world from a different angle and, so, I was glad to be a part of it!"

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