Food waste prevention in the Czech Republic – Penny’s uncommon pieces

Autor Petr Baudys Lead quality department/PENNY Czech Republic

PENNY's long-term commitment

We have started to deal with food waste prevention as the first retail chain in 2016 when we introduced fruit and vegetables of non-standard shapes to our product range. This is how we have been helping Czech farmers to market all pieces of fruit and vegetables that would not be sold due to their shapes. The beauty of the uncommon pieces lies with their taste being the same as taste of standard category 1 produce. Only their looks are different. Penny’s customers can find them easily in our stores because they are placed in specially indicated sections. Even better, they can always be bought with a discount compared to standard fruit and vegetables.

Looking into the future

To involve the youngest as well as to make the issue of waste andespecially food waste tangible to children is one of our most important efforts for the future. That is why we have prepared the campaign of Neobyčejné kousky k nakousnutí (uncommon tasty pieces), in which we designed plush toys in the shape of "ugly" fruit and vegetables. These little heroes show that it does not matter how they look like but what their inner values are; moreover, at the end of the day, we do not have to waste things only because they are not impeccable.


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