BILLA and customers- a helping hand to people in need

Autor Stoyan Tatchev Head of Marketing/BILLA Bulgaria

Bulgaria faces serious social challenges, as according to data from the National Statistical Institute over 40 % of the population lives below or at the national poverty line. There is no doubt that amongst these people there are certain individuals who do not have the means to provide even basic food items for themselves or their families.

As a Bulgarian team, we see the need to step in and to help these people.This is why we started our campaign " Buy and donate" in partnership with the Bulgarian Red Cross. In each of our stores we have a shopping cart, branded with the logo of the campaign. BILLA donates 10 kg of BILLA brand flour per store per month, and customers are encouraged to donate food items, too. We hand over the collected food to representatives of the Bulgarian Red Cross and they distribute it to people in need. The campaign started on 1st of July 2016 and is ongoing.

The results of our campaign speak for themselves- over 51 tons of collected food, valued at 100 thousand Leva( around 50 thousand Euro). This food has been distributed to more than 16 thousand people in need.

Helping people in need is a commitment our company is proud of and we will continue our common efforts together with our customers and partners from the Red Cross to address this challenge of the present-day Bulgarian society.


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