BILLA Bulgaria supports „I want a baby“ foundation

Autor Stoyan Tatchev Head of Marketing/BILLA Bulgaria

"Bulgaria has been struggling with negative demographic tendencies for a long time. The number of newborns is falling year by year and this problem poses many challenges to the Bulgarian nation. Last but not least, the labor market is affected, as there has been a shortage of labor for a few years now. Part of the problem of low birth rates are the couples with reproductive problems. For a small nation of 7 million people, according to a recent poll, about 150 thousand couples suffer from such problems. Since 2016, BILLA has been working with the "I want a baby" foundation team. In 2016, we sold picture postcards with baby photos and donated the proceeds - in 2016 we were able to support six pairs of 2,000 euros each for in-vitro procedures.

In 2017, in the months of June and July, we donated 1 Stotinki (approximately half a euro cents) for each In-Vitro product sold by BILLA brand. Our customers warmly welcomed the campaign. In 2017 we were able to support four couples with 2,000 euros each. The applications are processed and approved by the foundation. The couples to be assisted are drawn in the BILLA headquarters in the presence of a notary and representatives of BILLA and the Foundation. Between 12.02. and 25.03.2018 we supported the hotline for psychological counseling. We provided advertising space (billboards and citylights) at 35 BILLA sites for free and took over all the costs - the team of 3 founding members could barely handle the numerous calls.

On 25.02.2018, the first child of one of the families supported in 2016, little Martina, was born. Mom and Dad have been struggling for 18 years to have a child. That is the greatest achievement of our endeavors. Our efforts have been recognized by the Foundation and the State. The founder of the foundation has crowned our manager, Mr. Satchanski, with the award of the "Angel of Gratitude" Foundation in the Bulgarian Parliament in the presence of ministers, representatives and media as the Foundation's largest Partner.

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