BILLA Gardens- an investment in the future

Autor Stoyan Tatchev Head of Marketing/BILLA Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, BILLA is known for being an active supporter of Bulgarian fruit and vegetables producers. We offer a broad range of tasty, fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Back in 2017 we thought of how to improve our offer to customers, how we can create additional value for them. The answer in our case was simple-sustainability!

In 2018 we launched the private label “ BILLA Gardens”, which imposes strict requirements for plant protection and very low pesticide residues, well below the legal requirements. Less pesticides in fruits and vegetables also mean less contaminated water, cleaner soil and better working conditions for producers. Last, but not least, the team of BILLA Bulgaria is happy to contribute to the more sustainable Bulgarian agriculture and to the better health of fellow Bulgarians. Together with our partners we adopted and adapted the Pesticide Reduction Program of BILLA/Merkur Austria to the Bulgarian market. We have the same requirements for pesticide residues as in BILLA/Merkur Austria, while we also organized field audits and plant protection schemes. We want to create win-win-solutions. Our customers get healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables with significantly lower pesticide residues. Our partners get for free know-how to make the plant protection of their gardens and fields more sustainable and how to use less pesticides. To be fully transparent, we publish the results of all pesticide samples analysis on our webpage. Moreover, we have prepared 12 short educational videos about pesticides and their effects and application.

We do believe that the project “ Gardens of BILLA” is an example how a sustainable company can drive the change towards a cleaner nature and better health for consumers.

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