" We love Bulgaria"

Autor Stoyan Tatchev Head of Marketing/BILLA Bulgaria

Doing business in a responsible way is the BILLA way of doing business. Bulgarian monuments are part of our collective national memory, this is why we support the restoration and maintenance of important historical monuments in our country. Our project is called “ We love Bulgaria”. Since 2016 we have been supporting this important cause in collaboration with the Bulgarian government, local and regional authorities. We have organized three charity concerts with the most famours singers and dancer ensembles for traditional folk dances. In addition, since 2017, we organize free dancing lessons for Bulgarian folk dances on our parking lots. BILLA Bulgaria has donated all the proceeds from selling tickets to three monuments. The total donated sum is 277 thousand BGN or 141,6 thousand EUR.

The National memorial on Shipka peak is erected in the first half of the 20-th century to honour the victory over the Ottoman army by the detachments of the Russian army and the Bulgarian Opalchenie during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878. After this war, Bulgaria appeared again on the map of Europe as a state. The Madara Rider is a stone monument, created in the Middle Ages, depicting a Bulgarian rider as a symbol of strength. The Pleven Panorama is a museum, which is dedicated again to the liberation of Bulgaria and the battle of Pleven during the war of 1877-1878.

With the money , the administration of the National memorial on Shipka peak undertook important and urgent restoration works for the bronze lion statue- the most symbolic and best known part of the memorial. The administration of the Madara rider monument undertook a modernization of its facilities for tourists- a multimedia center was created. The Pleven Panorama undertook restoration works as well.

We are happy and proud to have contributed to the restoration of these valuable parts of our national heritage. As Bulgarians, we can say that we will keep on working on this important project. Because, we love Bulgaria!

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