Billa Ukraine promotes the support of people with disabilities

Valeriia Meshcheriakova
Autorin Valeriia Meshcheriakova Trainee/BILLA Ukraine

In 2017, BILLA started to work with the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine (NAPDU). Within the cooperation with NAPDU, the UN has been invited to conduct an independent audit to improve the conditions of service and labour conditions for people with disabilities in the chain of BILLA supermarkets. As a result, some aspects of the architectural accessibility of the facility for low-mobility groups, which need to be improved in order to achieve the best possible result, were identified:

  1. Enlarge the font on information banners and boards for people with poor eyesight.
  2. Increase the width of the contrast strip on transparent doors inside the store for people with poor eyesight. Apply signs “entrance/exit” using an enlarged font and in a contrast ratio of colours. Apply warning strips onto the doors without such strips. Separate contrasting transparent display windows the sliding doors are mounted in.
  3. Install toilets with accessibility elements and a relevant sign on the door for people with musculoskeletal system problems. Make the sink height according to the technical standards for people with disabilities. Install the alarm system in toilets.
  4. Some transparent walls complicate the orientation and create a risk of injury to vision impaired buyers. Contrast marking should be applied along the edges and in the middle of the transparent structures.
  5. It should also be mentioned that there is a successful design of price tags for people with poor eyesight. Information is available on the cost of products; promotional offers are intuitively clear, but information on a product name and product code (weight categories for self-weighing) for vision impaired people is almost not available.
  6. In 2018, it is planned to improve the conditions that were determined by the audit depending on the available budget. These aspects are taken into account when opening new branches. 

Billa Ukraine promotes the support of people with disabilities, thus trying to create the most comfortable conditions for work and social life. Billa helps employ handicapped persons, creates comfortable workplaces and comfortable space in a store: lockers, sanitary zones, etc.
Employees are trained in communication skills with people with disabilities. We create comfortable workplaces for comfortable working conditions for workers with disabilities. Parking lots have been organized for drivers with disabilities or drivers transporting persons with disabilities. In a test mode, 10% of parking lots from among the total number of parking lots are allocated for people with disabilities.

  1. Children’s Cooking Academy

They started to organize master classes for children with disabilities within the existing Children’s Cooking Academy Project. Master classes with inclusive children aged 4 to 14 designed for joint participation with children with disabilities (children with vision or hearing problems, developmental problems, Down syndrome, etc.). Through this project, we teach the younger generation tolerance, involve inclusive children in the society and make this world a little bit kinder.

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